was launched in January 2000 to provide consumers a comprehensive, up-to-date resource about all aspects of eye health and vision correction. In 2016, the site was purchased by Essilor, a large manufacturer of optical products. My goal in the redesign was to make (AAV) fully responsive, clean up the navigation, redesign the logo, and incorporate Essilor’s business model by using different methods of driving users to its products.

Logo Redesign

Not only was the original logo aesthetically tired, but the design was not compatible with the new direction of the website. Redesigning the logo was crucial to give the site a fresh, inviting feel. I decided to keep the stacked type and update it with a more mordern typeface. In doing so, I was able to give the logo a fresh look but still preserve some of the flavor of the original logo to maintain its connection with existing users.

Circa 1999

Site Redesign

The site also needed to be redesigned to make it fully responsive across all viewing platforms. Having a mobile-friendly website is a critical part of AAV’s online presence. Over 60% of AAV’s traffic is on mobile.

The architecture of the site had a deep hierarchy, and a major issue was that the navigation did not allow users to easily and intuitively locate deeper content. By doing a card sort we were able to simplify the navigation into more concise categories which was then implemented using mega menus.

With the help of revamped landing pages, it was easier to guide users to the information they sought and also educate them about Essilor’s products.

AAV redesign on mobile
AAV responsive home page design mega menu design

User Engagement

Since provides unbiased information about eye care and eyewear, we couldn’t risk the site’s credibility by plastering the site with Essilor’s banners. We also couldn’t risk losing other advertisers.

The solution was to create a “consumer journey” that would lead users to take action on the information they were presented. Simplifying the content and adding more white space made content pages much easier to scan. Much of the information previously provided was overwhelming and rarely consumed. By shortening the encyclopedia-like articles and lowering the cognitive load we are able to hold the user’s attention for longer and thus guide them through the steps of evaluating and purchasing frames, lenses, sunglasses, etc. A contextual doctor/retailer locator was then placed in an optimal area of the article. Users could then search for doctors/retailers that sold Essilor’s products. The conversion rate for this approach was far higher than banner ads. Also, doctors and retailers would pay a fee to be listed in the directory which created another revenue stream for the site.

User engagement redesign
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