Hello, I’m Steve Bagi.

I’m a designer skilled at creating thoughtful

 user-centric digital experiences. I thrive at designing products that are empathetic to users and dovetail with stakeholder goals. I enjoy collaborating with others to solve complex problems and improve people’s lives through technology.

(I’m also really good at UI, visual and interactive design, animation, and prototyping.)

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GLSA home page
SUMA homepage
Start/Pause Animation
Pay Per Call User Flow
Ascend user info screen
Ascend website
Spiritual Gangster email
What causes blurry vision animation
AAV design system
GLSA wireframe
AAV Magazine
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Essilor Doctor Directory

How CTA optimization and UI refinement can yield big gains in conversion rates…

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Ascend App case study

Ascend App

A case study documenting the creation of the Ascend app after discovering a void in the rock-climbing community for a digital tool…

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AllAboutVision.com case study


Transformation of a static encyclopedia-type site to a website that provides actionable information that encourages users to schedule an eye exam and purchase eyewear…

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Steve Bagi, UX designer

About me

Born and raised in the Philadelphia area, I’ve always had a passion for art and design. After attending The Art Institute of Philadelphia, I went on to start my own design and ad agency. It wasn’t long before I found myself attracted to the possibilities of the evolving Internet. I became involved with an Internet startup and never looked back.

Long before UX was a common term, my passion was exploring how people interacted with information. Problem-solving, ideation, user-focused design, and creating exceptional user experiences are what drive me.

I enjoy spending quality time with my kids, and (in no particular order): designing and building custom furniture, cycling, my labrador retriever and rescue pitbull, the Madison River hopper bite, kayaking, Belgian ales, hiking, traveling, and football.

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