Some of my latest work

Ascend App
  • Gary Heiting - Senior Editor,

    Gary Heiting
    Senior Editor

    “I’ve worked with Steve Bagi on multiple projects over the past 10 years. He consistently has helped us transform text-heavy content into aesthetically pleasing and clear, effective presentations while always preserving the essence of the material. Steve has been providing exceptional user interface (UI) design and user experience (UX) design services long before these terms became buzzwords of the current design lexicon, and he consistently finds the correct balance of form, function and cost.”

  • Ron Walker - Publisher,

    Ron Walker

    “I've been working with Steve for 15 years. He's a versatile designer who's adept at both print and web work. For, he's done several generations of our overall site design, and created numerous display ads that have pleased our clients and produced above-average response. Steve has designed all our marketing literature and trade show booth banners, and art directed a number of print magazines we've produced. He's creative, responsive, flexible and easy to work with.”

  • Tom Meinert - Associate Publisher,

    Tom Meinert
    Associate Publisher

    “I've worked with Steve on many projects going on eight years now, and it's been a great experience. From brainstorming to final editing and production, Steve is engaging, thoughtful and very helpful. His work is top quality and he consistently delivers on time and on budget. His illustrations and graphics work have definitely enhanced the user experience at and we've received many compliments about his work from our users. HIGHLY recommended!”