Ascend App

Working with a group of climbers from the Millersville University Rock Climbing Club, we set out to develop a conceptual prototype of the Ascend App. The app was designed to offer social networking, information on climbs all over North America, and the ability to record your climbs and compare stats with friends. It also features built-in in tools for creating your own climbs, along with the use of GPS and altimeter for finding and recording climbs. In short, the definitive rock climbing app.

User Research and Conceptual Model Design

After researching the target audience and the competition, I created several personas which were then validated by interviewing experienced climbers. I created multiple scenarios for each persona. With the help of feedback from users, I was able to develop the architecture, navigation, user objects and screen flow diagrams for the app. Followed by ideation, wireframes, and several rounds of testing and iterations.

Ascend App screen 4
Ascend App screen 5
Ascend App screen 6
Ascend App screen 1
Ascend App screen 2
Ascend App screen 3
Ascend App screen
Ascend App screen 7
Ascend App screen 8
Ascend App screen 9

User Interface (UI) Design

Focusing on usability and efficiency to create an interface that the user appreciates. Users should be able to achieve their goals as efficiently as possible, without focusing too much on the user interface itself. By using color, typefaces, icons, micro-interactions and animations, I make the “experience” for the user effortless and satisfying.

Animated Ascend App

Hi-Fidelity Prototype

I also enjoy creating interactivity and prototypes. This working prototype was created with Sketch and Flinto. Other tools I use for prototyping are InVision, Photoshop and After Effects.